Treasury Management

Manage Your Finances Better

Our Treasury Management Services can help you maximize returns, simplify bank account reconciliation, decrease the cost of payments, improve collections, and increase the availability of funds – everything you need to manage your finances better.

Treasury Services

Reconcilement Services


Ways to reconcile accounts more simply and swiftly

Account Reconciliation
Business Internet Banking
Imaging Services
Synovus One View

Disbursement Services


More efficient, automated methods of payment to employees and suppliers

ACH Origination1
Controlled Disbursement
Zero Balance Account

Payroll Services


Discounted payroll services to offer to our customers.

Tax Filing and Administration
Direct Deposit
General Ledger Interface
HR On-Demand…and more

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Sweep Account Services


Capitalize on opportunities for better yields on excess cash

Commercial Money Market Sweep2
Line of Credit Sweep1
Premium Yield Sweep3
Repurchase Agreement Sweep

Collection Services


Improve cash flow by collecting, processing and depositing payments faster

Cash Concentration1
Check Recovery Service
Preauthorized Debits
Remote Express Deposit

Fraud Defense Services


Help protect your company against fraud with services that provide daily monitoring of all checking activity, prevent unauthorized ACH transactions and defend your company against online fraud

Check Fraud Defense
ACH Fraud Defense
Online Fraud Protection

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Learn more about Fraud Defense Services


1) Subject to credit approval
2) Money Market Account have an account transaction of no more than six (6) debit transactions per month or month statement cycle. A debit transaction is a check, debit/check transaction, transfer, or pre-authorized transfer, including those made by phone or modem. Unlimited transactions are permitted if made by the customer in person, by mail, through an ATM or by phone if the check is mailed to the customer. If an account continually exceeds the allowed debit transactions, we may convert it to a checking account.
3) This product is FDIC insured. The standard insurance amount is $250,000 per depositor. Visit for more information.